Library clients shall be allowed to borrow Library resources using the Online Circulation system as outlined below:

Students Loans

i. Each new student enrolling at the University shall be required to register with the Library by presenting a valid Africa University Student Identity Card / Proof of Registration and by completing a Library Registration Form.

ii. A valid Africa University Identity Card must be presented to the Security Officer at the Entrance and to Library staff at the Circulation Counter when borrowing or returning items. Identity Cards shall be for the exclusive use of the owner.

iii. Each Undergraduate student may borrow 4 Ordinary Loan items, 1 Reserve item or 1 Multimedia resource.

iv. Graduate students may borrow up to 5 Ordinary items, 1 Reserve item or 1 Multimedia resource.

v. The loan for each Ordinary issue shall be 4 days for Undergraduate students and 14 days for Graduate students. Multimedia resources shall be loans for 2 days.

vi. Loans for Undergraduate and Graduate students shall not be renewed.

vii. Ordinary books already on loan to a student may be recalled before its original due date or reserved by other clients. Recalled items must be returned to the Library immediately.

viii. Borrowers must observe the hours of issue / return of Reserve items as follows:

Daily               0900 - 2100 hours (3hrs per loan - for use in the Library only)

Overnight        2100 - 0900 hours the following day

Saturday        0900 - 1200 hours (3hrs per loan - for use in the Library only)

Weekend        1200 on Saturday to 0900 hours the following Monday.

ix. Reserve items in greater demand shall be restricted to 1 hour loan.

Academic Staff Loans

i. Academic staff shall be entitled to borrow a total of not more than 5 items per course plus 1 Reserve item and 1 Multimedia resource. A letter of total courses being taught from the Dean of Faculty concerned may be required.

ii. Academic staff shall borrow Reserve items and Multimedia resources for 1 day and 2 days respectively.

iii. The loan for each Ordinary issue shall be 30 days for Academic staff. Loans for Academic staff shall be renewed only once unless it's off semester and the resources are not in demand by other clients.

iv. All borrowed resources shall be returned by the end of the loan period.

v. Loan items no longer required shall be returned to the Library immediately notwithstanding the loan period.

vi. All items may be subject to Recall by the University Librarian before its original due date.

vii. Staff who fail to return borrowed items at the end of the initial loan and / or renewal period shall be debited for the full replacement value of the unreturned item plus a processing fee.

Administrative Staff Loans

i. Members of the Senior Administrative Staff shall be entitled to borrow 5 items. Each item shall be issued for a period of 14 days.

ii. Members of the Junior Administrative Staff may borrow a total of 2 items. Each item shall be issued for a period of 4 days.

iii. Administrative Staff loans shall be subject to Rules iv – vii above.

iv. Administrative Staff loans shall not be renewed.

v. Borrowing accounts of administrative staff studying with the university or other universities shall be switched to students, at the appropriate level.


i. Holds may be placed only for Library resources that are currently checked out by another client by placing a Hold request at the Circulation Desk.

ii. Two holds of different titles are permitted per client at any one given time.

iii. In addition to them checking at the Circulation Desk, clients would be notified by email for pick-up when the item is returned.

Offline Circulation

Offline Circulation system is a temporary measure put in place by the Library when the Online Circulation system is not available to enable the Library to conduct basic circulation transactions, which includes; checkout and check-in of items, and patron registration functions. Offline Circulation System shall be guided by the following:

i. All students and junior administrative staff will borrow 2 books from Open Shelves and 1 reserve book. Academic and senior administrative staff shall be entitled to 5 books only.

ii. The Library shall issue resources for four (4) days to all eligible clients for Ordinary loan and 3hrs for Reserve materials and overnight.

iii. There shall not be any renewals.

iv. No registration of new patrons shall be done when Offline Circulation is in use.

v. Only one circulation point shall be used for Offline Circulation, doubling as an Issues and a Returns station.

vi. Overdues and Holds shall be processed (activated) at the time of loading records to Millennium Circulation.

vii. Over borrowing, respectively of (i) and (ii) above shall attract a fine per book/day which is equivalent to the current Overdue Fine