The Library is increasingly making electronic information databases available to the academic community, through purchase, subscription, or by making users aware of the many electronic resources that can be accessed free of charge. Currently the Library has access to over 20,000 ejournals and ebooks. Most of these e-databases are multidiscipline in nature and you may need to access other Subject areas for research purposes. Where applicable, please feel free to contact the Duty Librarian or your Subject Librarian for username & passwords. Access arrangements are as follows:

Campus (onsite) Access

When accessing electronic information databases from anywhere within campus clients do not need to login as they are authenticated by the University's Internet gateway. In very few databases one might need to login using a username and password as provided by the Library. Please consult the Duty Librarian at the Enquiries Desk. For campus access please click here: Internal Access

Remote (out-of-campus) Access

Full text outside campus access of electronic information databases by clients i.e. from home, or other town requires a username and password. Please ask the Duty Library at the Enquiries Desk for more information and for your personal username and password. For out of campus access please click here: External Access