Mr. D. Sithole

Acting University Librarian

Ext. 1021 / 2021

Mr. N. Sithole

Technical Services Librarian &  Management and Administration Librarian

Ext. 1187

Mr. R. B. Kutiwa

Client Services Librarian & Peace, Leadership and Governance Librarian

Ext. 2189 / 1189


Mr. W. Chisedzi

Assistant Archivist

Ext. 1092



Ms. V. H. Mudarikwa

Assistant Acquisitions and Outreach Librarian

Ext. 1260

Ms. M. Moyo

Education Librarian

Ext. 1230



Mr. M. Chikono

Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian

Ext. 1261


Ms. A. Dube

Health Sciences Librarian & Multimedia Librarian

Ext. 1201



Mrs. P. Kamusasa-Mbwana

Theology Librarian & Periodicals Librarian

Ext. 1203

Ms. K. Mazwi

eResources Assistant

Ext. 1200


Mrs. P. Muchenje

Client Services Assistant & Agriculture and Natural Resources

Ext. 2190

Ms. C. Chigugudhlo

Circulation Assistants

Ext. 1188

Ms. D. Chikara

Circulation Assistant

Ext. 1188


UMC Historian

Ext. 1092


Mr. T. Madondo

Automation Assistant

Ext. 1200


Mrs. Emmiah Mabvumbe


Ext. 1020