Client Services section

The Client Services section is responsible for the registration of Library clients, orientation, circulation of resources owned by Africa University Library directly or indirectly to registered clients, public relations and maintenance of clients' acceptable personal conduct in the Library.

Technical Services section

The Technical Services section is responsible for the Library's collection development of educational resources in different format, whether by purchase, or through gifts and donations. Additionally the section is responsible for cataloguing, classifying and physical processing of Library resources through various Faculty Librarians.

Acquisitions section

The Acquisitions Section is responsible for the day-day management of the Library's budget, incomes and expenditures. The section is also responsible for coordinating all Library acquisitions, its processes and maintaining of Library assets register.

Library IT Projects section

Library IT Projects Section is responsible for developing Library IT facilities for both Library staff workflow procedures and Library clients' information service delivery. The section is chiefly responsible for Administering Library Management Systems and Information Databases. It is also responsible for coordinating development of electronic resources collections.

Archives section

The Kent M. Weeks Archives  is responsible for collecting and preserving key Africa University and United Methodist Church (UMC) in Africa publications and related resources in whatever medium (paper files, electronic data, microfilm etc). click here to view more about them