1. Library Physical Collections

The Library provides resources to support programmes offered in the College of Health, Agriculture and Natural Sciences, Colleges of Business, Peace, Leadership and Governance and College of Social Sciences, Theology, Humanities and Education. Future developments will include information provision for Science and Technology. The Library collections are divided as follows:

a. Open Access Collection

The bulk of the Library's book collection is located on open shelves on the First Floor. Clients may select and borrow reading materials from the open stacks for out-of-the library use for specified loan periods.

b. Reference Collection

Located in a separate sequence on the Ground Floor, the collection includes, among others, reference books such as atlases, bibliographies, encyclopaedia and dictionaries which are for use in the Library only and may not be borrowed.

c. Reserve Collection

Located behind the Circulation Counter on the Ground Floor, the Reserve Collection caters for rapid circulation of items in high demand. Reserve items are issued for short periods only, usually for part of a day, overnight or over the weekend. Research reports, dissertations, theses, hard copies of past examination papers and other loose-leaf materials are also kept on Reserve for greater security.

d. Special Collections

Special Collections are located on the First Floor as well as in the Reference Collection. As more Library space becomes available, Special Collections will be developed.

e. Periodicals Collection

The Library subscribes to a selection of local and international academic journals, magazines and newspapers and receives others as donations. Issues of journals and periodicals are located on the Ground Floor and may be used in the Library only.

f. Multimedia Resources Collection

The Library has a Multimedia Resources Collection on the First Floor. The Library houses a number of DVDs / CD-ROMs databases on the Local Area Network and on stand-alone computers. DVDs / CD ROMs cover a variety of information for all the Faculties. A Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) facility, providing educational and news channels for Library clients, is also available. Multimedia Resources shall be loaned for shorter periods than print books.

g. Archives Collection

The Kent M. Weeks History and Archives Hall which is located on Second Floor houses archival material for the United Methodist Church in Africa since the 19th century as well as Africa University's archival material since its conception in the 1980s to the present day. Archival materials are for reference use only and may not be borrowed.

2. Electronic Information Resources

Electronic resources offer Library clients potential solutions to information shortages. The Library has a variety of online and LAN Databases covering various disciplines. Clients are free to use these resources for academic and research purposes from wherever they would be and can also download guided by the copyright law.

3. Africa University Digital Library (AUDil)

AUDil, which also serves as an Institutional Repository, is an organised LAN collection of electronic documents and can be accessed at: http://audil.africau.ac.zw. AUDil provides indexed access to up-to-date full text literature available for academic purposes. Information resources in AUDil include electronic books; electronic journals; past examination papers; theses and dissertations, research projects; authoritative journal articles, research, seminar and conference papers, academic publications; and electronic Archives collection.